Education Exchange: Online Resources

Elevation of proposed new elementary school

As part of our Education Exchange series, the resources listed below can help answer some of the questions and concerns posed through the post-bond survey conducted in November 2006. This listing is not intended to be comprehensive, but will be updated regularly to include new resources.

Department of Public Instruction

  • ABCs of Public Education – View school-level state and federal testing data from the past ten school years; To read a description of the ABCs of Public Education Program, follow this link.
  • N.C. School Report Cards – Read school-level information on four target areas: a general school profile; student performance; teaching quality; and safe, orderly and caring schools.
  • SAT Reports – Read state, district, and school level reports on SAT results for the past twelve years.
  • Dropout Date – Access state and district level reports on school dropouts for the past six years.
  • N.C. High School Graduation Rates: Learn about the new method for calculating graduation rates in our state and review school-level, district-level, and state graduation rates.
  • N.C. Statistical Profile – The ultimate DPI resource – a compilation of state and district-level data on school funding, teachers, child nutrition, transportation, graduation rates, student enrollment, and many other topics of interest.
  • Education Acronym List – Learn what all of those education abbreviations and jargon mean.
  • N.C. Standard Course of Study – Read the K-12 curriculum standards required to be taught in North Carolina public schools.
  • N.C. Graduation Requirements – Review the most recent graduation requirements from the N.C. State Board of Education.

N.C. Teacher Working Conditions Survey

Wake County Public School System

  • Annual Reports – Read the WCPSS’ Annual Reports for 2001 - 2006.
  • Financial Resource Center – Access full WCPSS budgets, financial audits, and learn about basic budget terminology.
  • Magnet Resource Center – Information on magnet programs, applying for admission, and upcoming school visits and parent sessions.
  • Growth Resource Center – Learn about long-range planning, capital improvement plans, and resources on year-round schools.
  • Parent Resource Center – A one-stop resource center for a wide range of resources of interest to parents of WCPSS students with information on everything from student assignment to lunch menus to SAT preparation.
  • WCPSS Demographics – Find out a broad range of data on the student populations in Wake County, including enrollment projections and current school enrollments, breakdowns of WCPSS student populations, and maps of school locations.
  • Wake County Board of Education – Review the schedule and agenda for upcoming Board of Education meetings, find contact information for board members, and learn about board of education policies and goals.
  • Wake County School Assignment Locator: Follow this link to determine the schools to which children who lived at a particular address would be assigned. All you have to do is type in the street name to get started.

Wake County Government and Municipalities in Wake County

North Carolina General Assembly

Community Resources

The weblinks below are for non-governmental resources and organizations of interest to the citizens of Wake County. Many were shared with the Partnership by Wake County residents. Included with the web address is a description of the resource or organization from the website. Sharing information about these resources with the community does not imply endorsement or validation by Wake Education Partnership.

  • Donors Choose NC: A website where teachers can present descriptions of classroom resources they need and get connected to donors willing to provide funding. Submit a proposal for funding or to review proposals from teachers who need funding. Read an overview of Donors Choose from the N.C. Business Committee for Education.
  • N.C. Business Committee for Education: Review the results of a survey of NCBCE members on what knowledge and skills are essential for students to have to be successful in the 21st century at:
  • Save Our Summers - A grassroots movement of parents, grandparents, education professionals and other concerned citizens dedicated to preserving summers for families.
  • Wake Up Wake County - A non-partisan, citizens’ group supporting well-planned, sustainable growth in Wake County, North Carolina.
  • Stop Mandatory Year-Round - Mission is to ensure that policies of the WCPSS provide a stable educational environment to every child in the public school system. They believe that the current WCPSS policy of forcing a year round calendar on select current schools and all future schools will do irreparable harm to the Wake County Public School System.
  • Wake County PTA Council - The Wake County PTA Council is an organization whose mission - ultimately - is to support and speak on behalf of the 120,504 children in Wake County. As a part of the largest volunteer child advocacy organization in the nation, the WCPTA Council and its member units remind our community of its continuing obligation to all children. Created as a partnership among parents, educators, students, and other individuals, the PTA actively works in schools and communities to improve the lives of all children.